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From Me To You And Then Bilbáo stars Rhiannon Dixon and James Moorcroft as old married couple. They bicker as if they are bickering old people. Dixon tells Moorcroft that he’s holding the worldnewsfact microphone, and the two go on to have a hilarious exchange of words.

Dixon has shown glimpses of travelnowworld her potential on the professional ladder. However, her development was hindered by the pandemic in 2013. Dixon broke her hand earlier this year but had fought in Spain. She plans to fight more in the future. She has a world-class sparring partner in Anthony Crolla, who is a travellworldnow former world champion. She also spars with Hannah Robinson and Natasha Jonas.

Dixon is the sister of Andrew Dixon, who plays rugby league. She started boxing seven years ago and trains under Anthony ‘Million Dollar’ Crolla in Oldham. The two were formerly unlicensed boxers before they signed with a pro boxing gym.